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Brand New Washi Paper Material


The name “SUUQ” is derived from the sound of the Japanese word “suku,”

meaning “making paper,” and also includes other meanings such as “transparent” or “permeated.”


世界中の文化財の修復にも使われ、ユネスコの無形文化遺産にも登録された日本の伝統工芸、和紙。繊細なテクスチャーと、柔らかな色合いは、古来より受け継がれてきた日本の美の象徴といえます。 和紙の魅力を、現代のライフスタイルに合わせて提案したい、そんな思いから、SUUQ は誕生しました。


Japanese traditional paper, washi, is used to repair and conserve cultural artifacts around the world. It is designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
Washi's intricate textures and soft hues are symbols of Japan's beauty since ancient times.
SUUQ was born with our passion for weaving the charm of traditional washi into our modern lifestyle.
Our products showcase simple yet tasteful unisex designs, capturing the beauty of nature in our laminated new materials of washi. Like flakes of snow, there are no two same designs on washi.

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